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Yin Yoga for Relaxation

Anyone can find relaxation and meditation


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Open you hips

Focusing on opening the hips and spine.

Chanting Himilayian Monks

​​Feeling the healing sounds helps move you into your meditations. We've used this video for 100's of classes around the county.

Alternative Poses & Modifications

Listen to your body and find your level of depth for each posture. Barb shows a few variations for each sequence.

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price option <p>Buy Yin, get Audio class 50% off</p>

Buy Yin, get Audio class 50% off


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price option <p>5 Class Bundle ($46 Savings)</p>

5 Class Bundle ($46 Savings)


Get our Yin video, our Bikram Video, the Express Video and 2 more Audio classes for a variety of practice.

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